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The Power of Low Carb 

Finally! The Perfect Beginners Guide for Anyone who is Starting a Low Carb Lifestyle!  
Have you Tried a Low Carb Way of Eating and You Felt Like it Wasn't For You or Maybe You Had Many Questions with No One to Ask?  
Keep Reading If You Want:
  • To know the different types of Low Carb plans.
  •  To follow a Low Carb plan and not feel like you are giving up the foods you love. 
  •  To feel the most energy you have ever had in your entire life. 
  •  To eat luxuriously, feeling completely full and satiated. 
  •  Have a full grocery list that you can take to the store with you, right on your phone. 
  •  A full chapter dedicated to ingredients and foods that will go against your goals for weight loss and health. 
  •  A list of foods swaps such as a replacement for pasta that will leave you full and satisfied. 
  •  Lists for: budget, busy moms, travel, no fridge. 
  • ......and much more!​
My Beginners Guide Provides 13 Detailed Chapters that any Beginner can Adhere to, with Ease!  

Page 7:
I'll show you a 'day in the life,' of what I will eat in a day!

Page 13
A married couple, friends of mine, in their 70's, went Carnivore and are off ALL medications!  

Page 28
I provide a list of items to help you fight emotional eating.

Page 31
If you are in peri-menopause, this chapter is for YOU!!!

Page 34
THIS is why you are NOT losing weight! The list!

Page 40:
Are you afraid to give up pasta?  You wont miss it with these substitutes!

who is this guide for?
  • Anyone who has never been on a low carb way of eating and has thought about it.  
  • Anyone who has tried low carb but found it overwhelming doing it alone, with all the information on the internet. 
  • Anyone who needs more energy and/or a better mood.
  • Anyone who has avoided low carb because of the fear of giving up beloved foods. 
  • Anyone who wants to improve their weight, form and health.  
  • Anyone who purchases only 'keto' or 'low carb' labeled foods.  
  • Anyone who wants to eat luxuriously and feel satiated. 
Eat good, Feel good
Start Your Low Carb Lifestyle, Confidently, TODAY!
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who am i...
Kim Alexander 
is a dog mom, to Charlie, her 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, who is best known for her passon and ability to help anyone who needs help with low carbing or keto. Kim is also a 49 year old christian, living in the northeast.   

She is the person everyone calls for help.  If someone needs help de-carbing a recipe, needs to know if an ingredient is healthy or has stalled in their weight loss goals,  they call Kim!  

Kim is a 20-year veteran in the low carb space!!!  It all started out with her boyfriend wanting her to lose 20 pounds.  That is where Kim picked up her first low carb book, The Atkins Book.  Kim kept the book, adopted the lifestyle and dumped the boyfriend!!!!  

In the beginning, Kim wanted to lose a few pounds, get in shape and feel comfortable in her own skin.  As years passed, her mission has evolved.  She become extremely passionate about ingredient reading, calling herself the, 'ingredient queen.'  Kim is also very passionate about creating low carb and keto recipes to share.  She loves cooking and entertaining people with her tasteful creations.  

Kim's next projects are a recipe book, filled with her recipes.  And another project, near and dear to heart is a book or a course, on emotional eating.  Kim is a self-admitted, emotional eater.  Its been a life-long struggle for her.  Do you have this issue?  She can relate with you!  

Kim has struggled with weight her entire life, now, at 49 years old, finally being at her goal weight.  It took her trial and error to get the weight off.  It's been a roller coaster for her.  She had to learn all the things she was doing wrong and right!  

With 20 years under her belt, and plans to get a certification in the near future, she has the knowledge to help any beginner on their journey, as she knows what its like.  
Why I had to Write this book! 
I get people reaching out to me, telling me they need help, stating, "I've had enough!"  

This is geared toward women from 20-something to 65 and even above!!!  We women, work so hard, are very busy juggling home, career or business, children, pets, husbands needs, bills and our friends. And lets not forget we women who are in our wonderful menopause stages!  It takes a lot of energy to show up for all of that.  Before findind the low carb way, I ate the SAD (standard American diet)  This includes: sugar, pasta, bread, soda etc.  I was tired all the time, like most!  Most women feel frustrated because they don't know what to do.  They hear so many different things on the internet these days, as did I!  

I personally, tried everything there is, except any kind of diet pills.  I don't like pills so I refuse to take them.  But my resolve to lose weight was strong enough where I tried lots of things.  I was unsatisfied with all of them...until...  I found low carb.   

I will be transparent with you and share that originally, I was losing weight for vanity.  I had it wrapped around my head that the only way to be loved by someone, is if I was perfect and skinny.   Following low carb, really changed how I felt.  How it made me feel was totally unexpected.  I had energy like I never had in my life!  My moods totally changed and I had confidence.  Food is a very powerful thing, if you eat the right stuff!  Conversely, eating bad stuff will alter your moods in a downward spiral.  Let's use Thanksgiving as the perfect example!  It's been said that turkey is what makes everyone sleepy on turkey day, due to the tryptophan.  I eat turkey once a week and it gives me ENERGY!  It's the heavy carb load of high glycemic carbs, that causes the sleepy's after the big family feast!  I always have meat and plain vegetables with butter salt/pepper.  I will make my own low carb dessert or to share!  Stuffing is my favorite!  So I make stuffing from grain free bread that I make. I will NOT go without my adored stuffing.  I am always full of energy on the holidays.  Wouldn't you like to feel that way too?!  

As time passed, I would notice how certain foods would make me feel.  Early on in my journey, I would eat pre-packeged foods labeled low carb.  I ate a lot of that stuff.  It did NOT make me feel too well.  So I would avoid those ingredients.  Then I caught the fun-bug, of creating my own low carb recipes.  I found my passion for baking and cooking as a teenager.  I have always loved it.  But it EXPLODED when I began low carb 20 years ago!  I do not have professional culinary training.  I just have pure, loving experience of the craft of healthy recipe creation.  

About 5 years ago, I really started to have a stronger passion for ingredients.  I noticed, when I ate 100% clean, how good I felt, I leaned out and I even looked 5 years younger, after about a month.  I strayed away from eating processed foods labeled low carb and keto.  And now, my mission is more about removing provessed foods and helping people find substitutes; weight loss is secondary.  

A common misconception is: 'Going low carb guarantees that you will never eat pasta, chocolate or ice cream again!'
Friends, I can assure you, that is 100% untrue!  I eat these things all the time; chocolate DAILY! (wink)  Anything and everything can be turned into low carb or keto.  It takes some time, patients and a willingness.  

I want women to be able to eat in a way that makes them feel full,  satiated and FULL of energy.  I want them to feel a very happy mood, even if they're having a challenging day.  Does this sounds like something you need?  I sure did and it has worked for me for the last 20 years!

I NEEDED to write this book because I didn't realize how little, many people know about the low carb lifestyle.  What comes first-hand to one, is not so obvious to others.  One time, a friend bought us lunch.  It was a sub sandwich but on lettuce.  She said she ordered for me, the 'vege only,' since thats how I eat.  That told me, she needed me to educate her on the low carb way of life.  

My mother was diagnosed as a diabetic just this year.  She called me and asked for help.  I went to her home and we went through her cabinets, throwing everything processed away.  While doing this, she asked many questions that stunned me. I thought this was information she knew, everyone knew.  It was in that moment, I KNEW I had to write this book!
Well anyway, I told her what to eat and within  a week, she had almost normal blood sugar readings upon waking.  I should state, I'm not a doctor.  I helped to show her, what has worked for so many others and even my own blood sugars have fallen even lower.  I'm not a diabetic myself, but I do come from a family of diabetics. So I am proactive here!

My friends, if you're reading this and think a low carb way of eating can help you, trust that it can!  It's throwing out the theory that fat is bad, because its not.  Four vital things we need are:  fat, protein, sodium and water.   Carbs are NON-essential. 

I felt it a mission from God, to inform others.  It's my passion.  I love to help people tap in to a source of long-lost energy they haven't experienced in years.  Food can be your friend or it can be your foe. 

And that’s when this when was born!

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You're Getting...
Kim's "The Power of Low Carb" Beginner's Guide, PLUS Bonus grocery list at the end of the book.  A grocery list is essential to low carb success!  PLUS replacements for pasta & sweetener.

I Am So Happy to Report That Any Woman That Has Followed Low Carb Under My Direction, Has Reported Higher Energy, Weight Loss and Happier Moods.   
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You Might Be Wondering…
Does this work if I am pregnant?  
I know many, many women that have followed a low carb way of eating, while pregnant.  But, I am not a doctor.  This is a discussion to have with your OB or GP. 
Can I exercise while doing low carb?
Yes you can!  Initially, as you slowly drop your carbs down (which I highly suggest going slow) you may have weakness and lower glucose.  I recommend waiting to exercise until this period of time is over.  After that, not only is exercise ok, but its a wonderful enhancer to your new healthy way of eating!   I do recommend posing this question to your physician. 
Can I have cheat days, off of low carb?  
I wrote a section on this in one of my chapters!  A few points I'd like to make -  a) once you go low carb, you truly will be satiated and cravings DISAPPEAR!  You may not want to cheat.   b) Once you have a 'cheat' day, it will restart cravings, making it hard to stay on plan.   However, if you are at or withing 10 lbs of your goal weight, feel healthy and can have (1) cheat and go back on plan the next day, I personally feel its ok to endulge, every so often.  This is every few months for me!  But keep in mind, you may not feel so well.  Having a high sugar item or bread will definitely make you NOT feel well.  Just get up the next day and re-begin!  I RARELY have anything off plan.  But that is because I bake or cook a replacement so I dont feel deprived.  
Will this book help me even if I am already at the weight I want to be?  
Absolutely!  There are many advantages to low carb, which I have named in the book.  You will enhance your sleep, better mood, unbelievable energy, reduce bodily inflammation, lean you out, improve your gut health, you may appear younger in the face,  reduce bloat, acid reflux should improve, and you'll be less emotional - handling overwhelm and stress much better.  And did you know that in some patients that experience seizures, doctors use a low carb or keto diet to alleviate seizures!  You can read about this by googling.   The list is endless.   
Can I live on a low carb way of eating if I'm a type 2 diabetic?  
I've known many people to do this, including my own mother.  You must watch your glucose numbers.  I do suggest you speak with your physician before doing so.   Exercise can also help to manage diabetes!
Can I live on a low carb lifestyle if I'm a type 1 diabetic?  
I've heard of type 1 diabetics existing on low carb.  However, this is something to work closely with your physician.  
When I purchase  The Power of Low Carb,  how will it be delivered to me?
The Power of Low Carb is a digital product that will be sent to you in PDF form. When you purchase the program, you will be able to access the program from the Order Confirmation page. You'll also be sent an email with an access link to your ebook. Once you click your access link, you will be able to view the content in your browser and you will have the option to download it to your computer.
Begin Your Low Carb Lifestyle Today!
Kim's low carb guide contains several pages of food swaps.  Did you know that thinly sliced zucchini makes the PERFECT lasagne noodles?!  NEVER again go without lasagna!

All this VERY valuable information, PLUS Bonuses for ONLY $37

  • Entire chapter dedicated to bad ingredients and carbs to watch out for - not found in most beginners guides!
  • 26 listed items WHY you might be in a weight loss stall!
  • ​Listing of oils and their smoke point - VERY important for health!
  • ​EXTENSIVE Lists for replacements of:  Pasta, Dairy, Sweeteners & Flour
  • ​*EXTRA BONUS Included Inside - Electrolyte chapter - SO IMPORTANT in low carbing!
  • ​*EXTRA BONUS Included Inside - EXTENSIVE grocery list - keep right on your phone!

You will NOT find a more complete beginners guide, anywhere!!

    P.S. - Don't be afraid to jump, try something new!  It worked for me and it CAN work for you!!!
    Take action now and see what a difference this book can make for you.

    ***Please note, as this is a digital product, no refunds will be given.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes. 
    For support issues or questions - Please email us at
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